Green – Cooties
Black – Pup Tent Officers
Green w/Black Knob – Past Pup Tent Officer
Black & White – Past Pup Tent Seam Squirrels
Green & White – All District or Area Pup Tent Officers
Green & White w/Black Knob – Past District or Area Pup Tent Commanders
White – Grand Pup Tent Officers
White w/Black Knob – Past Grand Line Officers
Purple – Past Grand Commanders
Red/White/Gold – Supreme Commander
Gold – Supreme Council of Administration Members
Gold w/Black Knob – Supreme Appointed Members (other than Supreme Council Membrs)
Red/White/Gold w/Red Knob- Past Supreme Commanders
Red w/Gold Knob – Past Supreme Council Members
Red w/Black Knob – Past Supreme Officers (other than Supreme Council Members)
Black w/Gold Knob – All-Star Pup Tent Seam Squirrels, CCDB’s and Hungry Cooties
White w/Gold Knob – All-Star Grand Quartermasters and Adjutants
Red/White/Blue – All-Star Grand Commanders