Military Order of The Cootie          Portland Pup Tent #1.

                 Established in 1931               We’re the guys – with the ties

Officers / Shavetails 

Seam Squirrel (Commander) David Dunbar

Blanket Bum (Senior Vice Commander) Robin McBain

Hide Gimlet (Junior Vice Commander) Sherry Ploor

Custodian of the Crummy Duffle Bag (Quartermaster) Greg Drais

Tight Wad 1yr. (Trustee) Wayne Sharp

Tight Wad 2yr. (Trustee) Bill Hughes

Tight Wad 3yr. (Trustee) Harvey Pitcher

Sky Pilot (Chaplain) Richard Wiehrdt

Provost Marshal (Officer of the Day) Dale Guldenzopf

Shirt Reader (Master of Ceremonies) Dave Dunbar

Jimmy Legs (Officer of the Guard) Chico Huerta

Keeper of the Lousy Records (Historian) Robin McBain

Shyster (Judge Advocate) Wayne Sharp

Pill Pusher (Surgeon) Bill Hughes

Hungry Cootie (Adjutant) Greg Drais

Hospital Chairman  Harvey Pitcher

Blood Donation Chairman  Jim Schinman